Mexican Dwarf Bullfighters

Difference in body-size has intrigued people throughout the centuries. Dwarfs were amongst the most popular gladiators in Rome and famous little people like General Tom Thumb, Sebastiano Biavati and He Pingping still capture the imagination. Another example is documented in the book The Enanitos Toreros by New York based photographer Livia Corona. For 8 years she photographed the intriging world of Mexican dwarf bullfighters.

The bullfighters say they try to tread a fine line between creating laughter for their size and respect for their skill. “When we run around, our movements are just naturally humorous,” said Gustavo Vázquez, the manager of a troupe known as the Giants of the Bullring. “But we also put on a quality variety show, and the bullfighting is real.”

Bullfighting is a relatively well paid job in a country where jobs are hard to come by, especially as a little person.  There are 10 to 20 bullfighting troupes employing about 200 people nationwide. A matador may make $100 a show. It makes you wonder what other jobs already exist for little people, and what new job opportunies would arrive with our shrinking size.

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  1. Jacqueline Williams,

    Dear Arne

    I am researching dwarf bullfighters. Just read the above post. Do you have a means of contact – email address or telephone number – for Gustavo Vasquez who manages the Giants of the Bullring in Mexico?

    Many thanks
    Jacqueline Williams

    • arne hendriks,

      Dear Jacqueline,

      I’m sorry to just now found this question. Did you manage to get in touch? I could try to connect you to the photographer who did that amazing book.

      Please use my email for further communications. I think I’ll find it faster.

      My best, Arne Hendriks

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