The Dactylian Five

Frenchman Florent Marrot participated in a series of 10 weekly explorations of shrinking mankind at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. One of his rather curious responses to the idea of becoming smaller was to divide himself into five 50 cm small versions of himself, thus compensating his diminished size by multiplication. By doing so he created a peculiar vision on collaboration and social behaviour of smaller mankind. The “Marrot Five” remind of the Dactyloi (from the Greek word for fingers), the archaic mythical race of very small male beings born from the mother of gods Rhea. As she squatted in labor she dug her fingers into the earth, which brought forth ten little men. According to legend the Dactyloi were the first metallurgists, iron toolmakers and healing magicians, and taught mathematics and the alphabet to humans. An interesting combination of talents and professions.

The connection between small size and tool making is perhaps not surprising if we consider some of the new challenges smaller men, will have to overcome.

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  1. Size changes when going to 50 cm: I am 5′9″ or about 175 cm…rounding off to 70 inches, going to 20, here would be some of my dimensions. In case of weight the square cube law would be: reduction of half -= one eighth prev weight (2 x 2 x 2) and I think going from 70 inches to 20 inches would mean
    dividing by 7, div by 7, div by 7 then multiply by 2, 2, 2

    Foot: about 2.86 inches long, (10 div by 7= 1.43, times 2)
    Kneecap about 6 inches up, waist about 11 inches up
    I’m chubby, 285 pounds..what would my weight be? Here I will use the macro stat

    I would be just under 7 pounds. If I were only 150 poundsat the start it would mean about 3.65 pounds. By comparison consider I used to have a cat that weighed 11 pounds.

    I could reach about 20 inches above my head at nearly 70 inches tall; at 20 inches I could maybe reach more like
    6 inches. Anything above 26 inches up would require me standing on something.

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