The Godfather of Shrink Thinking

Thomas T. Samaras could be considered the godfather of shrink thinking. The Incredible Shrinking Man just aquired his 1994 book, The Truth About Your Height. Exploring the Myths and Realities of Human Size and Its Effects on Performance, health, Pollution, and Survival.

It states:  “Short people place fewer demands on the environment. They consume less food, require less material for clothing, etc. If the world is indeed entering an era of scarcity, are not short people the most appropriate model for homo sapiens?”

His website has a wealth of information, especially on health issues.

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  1. Hi,

    I have also edited a book on this subject called Human Body Size and the Laws of Scaling, 2007, published by Nova Science Publishers. The book provides more scientific data discussing the advantages and disadvantages of smaller human height.

    My website provides more information on the book as well as connections to recent papers published in scientific journals and medical books.

    Feel free to contact me through the website.


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