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TEDx Lecture on Shrinking

During TEDx Brainport Arne Hendriks gave a short talk on some of the reasons the human species should shrink, some of its possible consequences, and how it could be done. See it HERE.

(Mad) Scientist Fiction

Mankind seems so indoctrinated to think bigger that sometimes the mere suggestion that we should become smaller is thoughtlessly rejected as mad science. Ever since the 20th century our relationship with science, vacillating between science as the salvation of society or its doom, has been personified by the fictional (Hollywood) character of the mad scientist. Following the […]

Relic Paulina

The Dutch are among the tallest people in the world yet the smallest girl that ever lived was from the Netherlands. Johanna Paulina Musters’ extremely small stature, she was only 58 centimeters, her talent for acrobatics, singing and dancing, and the ability to speak several languages, quickly made her rise to international fame as a sideshow […]

Japanese Miniatures: Prepping Tiny Plastic Food

The consequences of shrinking the human body for the world’s food situation is a main topic of research for The Incredible Shrinking Man. One chicken could feed up to 100 people if we are 50 centimeters. That’s why it would be unwise to shrink agricultural products and livestock along with us. Still, there is something […]

Supersize Tourism

Jim Hejl keeps a website called Jim’s Big Things with photos of himself near (you guessed it) BIG things. He typically finds these things near freeways, in shopping malls, in restaurants and amusement parks. It started harmlessly with a single blurry photo of Jim next to a world record pancake but by now Hejl systematically plans his […]

Small Wonder

Jyoti Amge is the world’s smallest girl. She weighs about 5 kilograms and at 58 cm’s her height  is really close to The Incredible Shrinking Man’s projected future size of 50 centimeter. She has been the subject of numerous documentaries and enjoys her star status. By some she’s worshipped as a goddess. LIVE India broadcasted […]

Shrink Rays

A shrink ray is any device which uses energy to reduce the physical size of matter. Although the laws of quantum physics don’t allow the miniaturizing of atoms and shrink rays do not exist (perhaps with the exception of electromagnetic forming) they feature quite prominently in popular fantasy and science fiction. For The Incredible Shrinking Man any shrink based desire […]

Robert Therrien

Robert Therrien makes monumental sculptures and installations, often in the shape of tables and chairs. In terms of material and form his works corresponds to the model down to the smallest details, but in scale the sculpture differs dramatically. The furniture has assumed such proportions that an adult can walk beneath the table without bumping his […]

Voyeur Town

In a previous post we reported on a village exclusively built for little people working in an airplane factory during the war. More often these temporary customized tiny towns were built for housing the small performers of amusement parks. The towns soon turned into sideshows catering to the curiosity of the general public. In some cases […]

Tiny Towns for Special Forces

Joost Janmaat of Partizan Publik recalls his memory  of an intriguing search for a lost tiny town: “I fruitlessly embarked on a quest for little people two years ago when I was in Detroit. I am gonna relate you the story anyway, since by posting it on your blog, the truth may yet unveil itself. During the war, […]