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Trans-species Psychology

Trans-species psychology re-embeds humans within the larger matrix of the animal kingdom by erasing the notion that humans are substantively cognitively and emotionally different from other species. According to the ecologist/psychologist Gay A. Bradshaw, there is a common model of brain, mind and behaviour for humans and nonhuman animals that is conserved in evolution. The new paradigm […]

Mapping Shrink Culture

Over the past 10 months The Incredible Shrinking Man research collected a wide array of shrink facts, figures and visions. The categories spanned everything from science to art, from history to genetics and entertainment, from technology to psychology and so on. We have deliberately not limited ourselves to scientific possibilites. We believe that if we […]

The Ames Room

In an Ames Room two or more people of the same size standing in a space appear to be of dramatically different sizes, even though they are actually the same size. Adelbert Ames, Jr. (August 19, 1880 – 1955) was an American scientist who made contributions to physics, physiology, ophthalmology, psychology, philosophy, and physiological optics. […]


Quite often the  primary response to The Incredible Shrinking Man’s ambition to downsize the human body is the fear of being exposed to animals. As we’ll shrink, our environment and everything in it will appear a lot larger. The fear of large animals and objects is called megalophobia and involves things like airplanes, ships and […]