15 second french fries with quail egg mayonnaise.

If we decide to shrink this will change our relationship with food and the entire industry around it.  It will effect how much we eat, how often we eat, what we eat, perhaps even how we eat. And in turn these changes will have an impact on the crops we grow and animals we rear, and how we grow them.

To focus on this exciting field of research we’ve developed the Disproportionate Restaurant. The restaurant can cater both for ‘regular’ sized customers as well as for the 50 centimeter sized customer of the future. Calculations predict that this person will only need about 2% to 5% of the calories of regular sized people.  One regular portion could feed up to 50 people, one chicken could feed 100 guests.

The restaurant features a kitchen of the future as a research facility to understand differences in energy needs, cooking processes, our changing relationship with ingredients and cooking utensils.

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