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Abundance Fantasies: Mukbang

In our series of abundance fantasies we investigate if and how the human desire for abundance can become a positive force for change. Most abundance fantasies revolve around an illustration of the central promise that if we act in a certain way we will be rewarded. The fantasy provides indirect moral guidance in order to […]

Japanese Miniatures: Prepping Tiny Plastic Food

The consequences of shrinking the human body for the world’s food situation is a main topic of research for The Incredible Shrinking Man. One chicken could feed up to 100 people if we are 50 centimeters. That’s why it would be unwise to shrink agricultural products and livestock along with us. Still, there is something […]

Baby Fruit

The upper end of the restaurant market is flooded by baby fruit and vegetables. Baby coconuts, Baby pineapples Baby courgettes, Baby every-single-fruit and vegetable-you-can-imagine. In today’s market only the products that catch the attention of consumers have a chance of becoming economically succesful. Playing with size is one of the tricks of the trade. But […]

A fascinating adventure into the unknown!

This research project gets its name from the classic film The Incredible Shrinking Man.  The film, based on Richard Matheson’s book The Shrinking Man, is about a man who slowly shrinks into oblivion. It is a rich document for analysis of  some of the fears and challenges involved.