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Japanese Miniatures: Cat Maximisation

Our series of Japanese Miniatures investigates the specific Japanese sensitivity for small as expressed in their love for things like bonsai, sushi, netsuke, and capsule hotels. Japan ‘knows’ things about shrinking that may help the human species embrace the desire for, or overcome hurdles to, becoming smaller. Cat maximisation, through furniture miniaturisation, merges the internet’s love […]

40 Whales

Creating a more sustainable lifestyle is an important argument why shrinking could be a good idea. At the same time the very real possibility of widespread megalophobia as a result of smaller size may lead to unsuspected urges to compensate. People will always find ways to stay on top of the foodchain. Possibily by alternative […]


Quite often the  primary response to The Incredible Shrinking Man’s ambition to downsize the human body is the fear of being exposed to animals. As we’ll shrink, our environment and everything in it will appear a lot larger. The fear of large animals and objects is called megalophobia and involves things like airplanes, ships and […]