Gravitational Time Dilation

September 25, 2010 By arne hendriks 0

Einstein’s theory, that short people grow old slower then tall people, has finally been proven scientifically. In an experiment using the most accurate atomic clocks ever invented, researchers of the National Institute of Standards and Technology showed that clocks run faster if they are raised by just 12 inches. The extraordinary experiment – published  in Science Magazine– demonstrates one of the strangest consequences of Einstein’s theories. In 1907 his Theory of Relativity showed that clocks run more quickly at higher altitudes because they experience a weaker gravitational force than clocks on the surface of the Earth. The phenomenon is called gravitational time dilation.  It also means that your head ages more quickly than your feet, that people living on the top floor of a tower block age more quickly than those on the first floor – and that time passes more slowly for short people. Being short makes you age slower. What is less exciting, is that short people during their lifetime only gain about 0,000000000001 of a second of longer life.