Cell Culture

March 17, 2014 By arne hendriks 1

The central problem with curbing the growth of the average human body is the deeply embedded desire of each cell to become two cells. This process of division, known as mitosis, represents the essence¬†of our challenge. Cells don’t want to limit themselves. They want to multiply, to grow, to proliferate. Only the body as a whole, as the social entity of many different kinds of cells, is able to control this fundamental desire.¬†Although it is undeniable that it’s natural for a cell to want to proliferate, it is equally natural for the body to curb this desire. It is not growth itself that defines the quality of life but how growth is guided, shaped and contained. While mitosis represents life’s raw nature, the manifestation of the body represents life’s culture. Life is cultured, and therefor curbed, growth. Uncultured growth is cancer.