The Sugar Climate

August 29, 2010 By arne hendriks 2

We eat 2500% more sugar then we did about a century ago. In his book Pure, White and Deadly John Yudkin associates this increased intake with a number of serious health risks.  He also points out a relationship between the increased sugar consumption and increased height. Yet no one seems to bother to ask if these health risks may be the result of the greater height. If anything it is treated as the one good thing that came out of this increase.

It is generally believed that greater height is the result of better quality proteins in our food, yet  in this paper on the sugar consumption of Canadian Eskimos it is found that if a diet holds less protein but at the same time increases sugar intake, birth size still increases. This puts being tall in another perspective: more as a sign of over-consumption of low quality nutrients, and not the sign of our greater overall physical health.