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Aligning the Loops

February 19, 2023 By arne hendriks Off

A study published in the journal Biology Letters finds that the evolutionary advantages and disadvantages of being a specific height are unevenly distributed between the sexes. For women looking to pass on their genes it is better to be short as this is considered to…

Cumulative Default Yielding Response

October 27, 2017 By arne hendriks Off

Despite the fact that physical dominance is no longer an evident evolutionary advantage and is not very cost-effective people continue to grow taller. Archaic biological systems are replaced by confused growth-obsessed cultural values. Despite evidence that in Western societies being tall continues to be positively…

The Tall Dutch

April 9, 2015 By arne hendriks 0

The Dutch are the tallest people in the world: its women stand almost 1.71 metres (5.6 feet) tall, and its men 1.84 metres. But how the Dutch became the world’s tallest people is still debated. Now a Dutch scientist, Gert Stulp, of the London School…