Amplexus Tantra

October 27, 2018 By arne hendriks Off

It may seem farfetched and even a little awkward to discuss a frog’s preferred sexual position as part of a strategy to shrink. However, to change humanity’s irrational desire for bigger towards a much wiser desire for smaller we must invest as much in alternative fantasies and imaginative storytelling as in the instantly practical.

In the light of the dominant universal female preference for taller males, the dominant amplexus technique seen in frogs, toads, newts and horse crabs opens up a window of tantric opportunity. During amplexus, the female carries the male around on her back. To make sure he doesn’t fall off different species of frogs have different preferred places to hold onto. Sometimes it is the back, sometimes the legs and in some cases the head. All this hanging around may not seem particularly friendly towards the female frog, and perhaps it wouldn’t be if it were not for her preference for small males. The smaller the male, the more stamina and the more pleasant it is for the female to perform her side of the act. Which is all the better since the whole thing can last many hours.

But most importantly,  the smaller the male the smaller the offspring.