Disproportionate Restaurant

October 30, 2010 By arne hendriks 0

One of the more exciting prospects of shrinking mankind is the drastic change in food consumption. To investigate this aspect more elaborately The Incredible Shrinking Man intends to build a fully functional restaurant catering to customers that are 50 centimeters tall.  The restaurant will also be open for “regular” customers who want to experience what it will be like.

Obviously some things will shrink with us, like tables and cutlery, but the size of other things is up for discussion. We may not want to shrink ingredients since it is an advantage to be able to feed  more people with far less. Other foods, like quick growing fresh sprouts and microgreens are now mainly used as garnish but could become much more central to our meals and even replace some of the bigger vegetables we are growing now.

The kitchen and all its equipment needs to be redesigned to balance our new eating habits with the relative large size of some of the ingredients, and the different cooking methods and cooking times for smaller portioned foods.

The restaurant will also be a research facility, investigating things like energy consumption and waste production.

The latest information on the research and development of the restaurant will be posted HERE.