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Abundance Fantasies: Friedeberg’s Hand Chair

In Abundance Fantasies we explore how a desire for abundance is sometimes found in unsuspected places, practices and objects. Perhaps such encounters can be reinforced to stimulate a desire to shrink. In “The Art of small things” John Mack writes: “In literature, as much as in lived experience, the hand is, in fact, often at […]

Minidampf Monorails

One of the most straightforward consequences of shrinking the human species is that most of our built environment would have to be re-designed. Our cities, production facilities, agriculture and transport systems would all need to be downsized to fit our down-sized needs. And some things can stay the way they are. 8000 passengers would fit […]

Japanese Miniatures: Tokonoma

The cultural environment we made (and that made us) bombards us with signs that bigger is better. The very notion of shrinking creates such internal conflict that we are inclined to ignore its obvious benefits and condemn the whole idea to the realm of mad science. We lack a framework that supports pro-shrink reflection. But […]

Golem Studio

What will the human species look like if we decide to shrink to 50cm? Will we shrink proportionally, or is it more realistic to anticipate on subtle, or dramatic, changes to the human physique? How do aesthetic desires influence developments, and what are the ramifications of biological principles? How will the simplification of physical function […]

Toad Leather

If we decide to shrink to 50 cm, cane toad leather could replace the less flexible, thicker leathers we use now. It is both beautiful and very soft, perfect for Shrinking Man’s shoes, bags or any other leather products. Other suitable leathers are snake-, eel-, salmon-, lizard- and chicken leather. Leather production has a significant […]

Six Cities / Empty World

Earth is turning into a global city. Over half the world’s population lives in urbanised areas and those cities are taking up more and more space.  Most of the rest of the world is organised to supply food and resources. Even so, cities are the most efficient way to support our growing populations. Yet citizens are […]

Rewilding Ghost Suburbia

If mankind decides to shrink, and we succeed to achieve an average height of 50 centimeters as The Incredible Shrinking Man proposes, one of the most significant changes will be the increase of available space. The scale of buildings, infrastructure and distance will be enormous and must be readjusted to the size of our bodies. […]

Plus Size Camouflage

One of the more complicated issues in shrinking the human species is how to deal with generational size differences. New generations will be smaller than older generations. Heleen Klopper, a designer especially interested in textiles, speculates on a future fashion and make-up of camouflaging the large as well as the small. High heels, vertical stripes, short hair […]

Robert Therrien

Robert Therrien makes monumental sculptures and installations, often in the shape of tables and chairs. In terms of material and form his works corresponds to the model down to the smallest details, but in scale the sculpture differs dramatically. The furniture has assumed such proportions that an adult can walk beneath the table without bumping his […]

Tiny Towns for Special Forces

Joost Janmaat of Partizan Publik recalls his memory  of an intriguing search for a lost tiny town: “I fruitlessly embarked on a quest for little people two years ago when I was in Detroit. I am gonna relate you the story anyway, since by posting it on your blog, the truth may yet unveil itself. During the war, […]