Outgrowing Eames

The Lounge Chair and accompanying ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames, is one of the most important furniture designs of the 20th century. It was first made in 1956. The Lounge Chair, like all important classic designs, is a piece of furniture that comes from the past but fits into our modern time. Except, it doesn’t.

During the past fifty years, average human height has increased by 10 cm. Tall people today may feel that the Lounge Chair is too small. Vitra has now decided, in accord with the Eames family, to offer a larger version of the Lounge Chair. The new version of the Lounge Chair features a longer seat, adjusted armrests and a higher backrest.

As a consequence they require more material, more transportation costs, more (storage) space and more energy. Now multiply that with every chairs, or other piece of design in the world.

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