Queen Voluptuous

December 27, 2010 By arne hendriks 0
Once, when Nature’s overpowering vigorousness
Conceived each day children this monstrous
I would love to have lived with a young giantess
Around her feet like a cat to a queen voluptuous.
Would love to have seen the spirit that grew out of her
Distending as she played her terrible game
From the damp mist that swam in her eyes to wonder
If her sullen heart would catch into flames.

Macrophilia refers to a fascination with giants. It is typically based around a smaller male and a giantess (or GTS as it is also called) with the female dominating the male. The love for giantesses is deeply embedded in our culture and religions as the poem in Charles Baudelaire‘s Les Fleurs du Mal illustrates. Yet how big or small you feel depends on context rather then the absolute size of things. To shrink would feel as if everything grows larger. If we really want to become smaller it’s necessary to uncover, repurpose and focus any need that already exists in society to feel overwhelmed by our environment. We need to empower the critical desire to transcend our present day body and reinvestigate our bodies in space. The chosen loss of control of the macrophile might, in abstract, be a blueprint for what man must embrace to be able to deal with the reality of shrinking.