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Suez-Maxed Out

At 07:40  on 23 March 2021, one of the largest containerships in the world, the Ever Given (400 x 59 x 21m) , was passing through the Suez Canal. After losing the ability to steer because of high winds the ship became stuck and blocked the canal, creating an economic choke-point. As many as 360 […]

Bigorexia (DFM)

Bigorexia is a subtype of the obsessive mental disorder muscle dysmorphic disorder. The (mostly) men suffering from it have a delusional sense of being too smal and insufficiently muscular, despite often already having exceptionally big and muscular bodies. Bigorexians spend inordinate time, attention and resources to gain strength as in exercise routines, dietary regimens, and nutritional supplementation, while […]

Tall Tales: Langen Kerls

Tall Tales is a new series of stories that investigate our obsession with height. Throughout history there have been iconic moments, stories and situations that shaped the fundamental yet unfounded belief that taller is better. First up; the Potsdam Giants. The Potsdam Giants was a Prussian infantry regiment composed of very tall soldiers. Throughout the reign of the Prussian king Friedrich […]


Pegvisomant (tradename Somavert) is a genetically engineered analogue of the human growth hormone (GH) that stops unnaturally vigorous growth in patients with acromegaly. It works as a GH receptor antagonist and blocks or dampens agonist-mediated responses by binding to growth hormone receptors on cell surfaces. Pegvisomant is used if the tumor of the pituitary gland causing the acromegaly cannot […]

Universal Height Dysphoria

Perhaps humanity’s willingness to accept the damaging consequences of increasing human height is the the result of a universal case of height dysphoria. Height dysphoria is a mental disorder that leads to excessive concern about and preoccupation with a perceived defect of physical size. Most often this means the feeling of being too short. Individuals suffering from this mental […]

Trijntje Keever / Groote Meidt

At 260cm Trijntje Keever from The Netherlands may well be the tallest woman known in history. Although she lived in the 17th century, when records were scarce and giants often exaggerated height for financial gains at the funfair, there is evidence that she was indeed that tall. A life-size painting and her shoes are on display […]

Outgrowing Life (Robert Wadlow)

  Robert Wadlow was the tallest person that ever lived. He suffered from a rare condition known as Acromegaly where the anterior hypophysis produces excess growth hormone after the epiphyseal plates close. At the time of his death at only 22 years of age Wadlow measured 272 cm. His early death is no exception: contrary to […]

Supersize Tourism

Jim Hejl keeps a website called Jim’s Big Things with photos of himself near (you guessed it) BIG things. He typically finds these things near freeways, in shopping malls, in restaurants and amusement parks. It started harmlessly with a single blurry photo of Jim next to a world record pancake but by now Hejl systematically plans his […]

Shrink to Power

Popular culture is ripe with examples of the playful desire to shrink. We’ve reported before on the peculiar desire of some people to sexually fantasize about very small men, and women especially. But not all forms of microphilia are of an erotic nature. On the light side of microphilia are the playful shrink formulas and […]

Queen Voluptuous

Once, when Nature’s overpowering vigorousness Conceived each day children this monstrous I would love to have lived with a young giantess Around her feet like a cat to a queen voluptuous. Would love to have seen the spirit that grew out of her Distending as she played her terrible game From the damp mist that […]