Shrink to Power

February 19, 2011 By arne hendriks 0

Popular culture is ripe with examples of the playful desire to shrink. We’ve reported before on the peculiar desire of some people to sexually fantasize about very small men, and women especially. But not all forms of microphilia are of an erotic nature. On the light side of microphilia are the playful shrink formulas and shrink beams one can aquire in virtual communities like Second Life and World of Warcraft. And YouTube houses a small army of people making amateur films about shrinking eachother.

On the rougher side of microphilia we find koonago (not for people with a weak stomach), the desire to eat tiny subjects, often resulting in very graphic imagery of a pornographic nature. This explicitness (or playfulness) sometimes makes it difficult to recognize the more hidden value of these fantasies. Any urge that opposes the prevailing ‘grow taller scenarios’ deserves careful examination and abstraction.┬áBut how do you connect and repurpose such diverse desires and implement them for the goals defined in The Incredible Shrinking Man research?