Small Food Physics

April 5, 2011 By arne hendriks 0

The Disproportionate Restaurant investigates the relationship with food and ingredients from the perspective of a human species of 50 centimeters tall. It maps possibilities that today’s chefs can only dream of, even in the age of molecular gastronomy. There is the relatively predictable resizing of portions and ingredients. A chicken might feed up to a 100 people and the calories in one apple will get you through the day. But there are also some less predictable culinary possibilities when we become small, like the possibility to serve a drop of soup or coffee, held together by nothing but its surface tension. Cooking times will be reduced. Surface to mass relations might change. A whole new range of domesticated animals and plants may take the place or current staple foods. A tastes might develop towards a completely unknown spectrum.

The laws of physics themselves might not change but because of our diminished size our relationship with their possibilities will.