Sixty Calories

November 23, 2010 By arne hendriks 1

Smaller people require less nutrients, water and energy to live under the same conditions and life style of taller people. The energy requirements of a 50 centimeter person might be approximately 60 calories per day. That’s the number of calories in a small apple, and 2% of the caloric needs of an average person of 180 cm, who requires around 2800 Kcal per day (or 47 apples).

An average portion of any meal today would feed approximately 50 people. An average roasted chicken would feed up to 200 people, as would a small pumpkin. One potatoe provides carbohydrates for 10 people. One tomato makes soup for 5.

In theĀ Disproportionate Restaurant we research the implications of size in relation to consumption patterns in greater detail.