Barbie Doll Illusion

May 29, 2011 By arne hendriks 3

A group of neuroscientists of the Group Ehrsson at the Swedish Karolinska Institutet investigated how body size influences the way we visually perceive the world, and if there is truth in the idea that it is our body that serves as a fundamental reference in visual perception of sizes and distances. Even if somehow man has always known that the body is the measure of all things and this has filtered into our language of measurements, the outcome was sensational. They proved beyond doubt that the world and everything in it is a certain size because we as an individual have a certain size. The size of your body not only influences the perception of object size and distance, it actually literally defines how large the planet is to the individual. The world is smaller to the large, and larger to the small. See a video of the experiment HERE and read the full report HERE.