Raspberry Explosion

April 1, 2012 By arne hendriks 1

One of the most important reasons to shrink the human species is that we’ll shrink ourselves into a world of abundance. At 50 cm we’ll only need about 2% of the resources we need now. A simple grape will have the size of a mango. A chicken will be the size of an ostrich, and a sunflower the size of table. But that’s just size, and although it is a very important component it is not only about having more. It’s also about a new experience. In an attempt to understand what it would actually feel like to eat a raspberry when you’re very small, two students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Terry Weerdmeester and Daan Kayser, prototyped one, using small water balloons filled with raspberry lemonade and a fruit flavored condom as an outer skin. Each water balloon represented one juicy particle of the raspberry which, upon biting into it, exploded into the mouth in an overwhelming physical manifestation of the feeling of abundance.