Ostrich BBQ

December 10, 2011 By arne hendriks 4

One of the most promising advantages of shrinking the human species would be the abundance of food. A single chicken could feed up to 100 people. But perhaps it’s not just a matter of abundance. We might encounter some unsuspected differences in the way we relate to food. To understand our future relationship with a common ingredient like poultry, Arne Hendriks and artist/chef  Harold de Bree will host an investigative dinner and roast an entire ostrich as if it were a chicken.

A chicken carcas in the supermarket weighs around 1,2 kilograms. 2/3rds of that (800 grams) is consumable meat. That leaves about 8 grams of meat per person. For The Incredible Shrinking Man (length 50 cm & weight 1,7 kg) that would be a good portion. The carcas of a 13 month old ostrich weighs around 45 kg and contains well over 30 kg of actual meat. That translates into 300 grams of meat for each of the 100 guests.

The process of butchering, cooking and eating the ostrich was documented and presented during Food Forward at Stroom