Mainstream Microphilia (Lady Gaga)

September 25, 2012 By arne hendriks 0

In our investigation for the popular display and culture of shrink desire, Lady Gaga stands out as the first openly microphilic celebrity. In a marketing campaign for a new perfume we see Gaga in what she calls her ‘Gulliver’s pose‘ while tiny men dressed in latex crawl over her naked body.

The commercialization of the desire for small men by one of fashion’s most popular icons holds the promise of such a desire becoming less obscure. After all, if millions of people are eager to buy a fragrance that according to the press release is based on the molecular structures of blood and semen, why wouldn’t they embrace an interesting fetish like microphilia? Mainstream microphilia could be an effective route to swiftly reduce man’s average height. If both men and women become attracted to short partners we could see a reduction in man’s height of up to 20% in just 4 generations.