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Tall Tales: The Well-Heeled Wobble

Tall Tales investigate signs, stories and tropes on how our obsession with tallness became so culturally embedded that we experience it as natural, normal and inevitable. One of the most accepted and visible products of our desire to be taller are high heels. Throughout history men, and women especially, have embraced the high heel as a […]

Toad Leather

If we decide to shrink to 50 cm, cane toad leather could replace the less flexible, thicker leathers we use now. It is both beautiful and very soft, perfect for Shrinking Man’s shoes, bags or any other leather products. Other suitable leathers are snake-, eel-, salmon-, lizard- and chicken leather. Leather production has a significant […]

Mainstream Microphilia (Lady Gaga)

In our investigation for the popular display and culture of shrink desire, Lady Gaga stands out as the first openly microphiliac celebrity.  In a marketing campaign for a new perfume we see Gaga in what she calls her  ‘Gulliver’s pose‘  while  tiny men dressed in latex crawl over her naked body. The commercialization of the […]

Overcoming the Height Gap

There’s a 40% difference in height between the shortest 5 percentile and the tallest 5 percentile of the adult human population. That puts humans amongst the Earth’s most hypervariable species. Shrinking the body will create an even greater height gap, Younger generations will be shorter than older ones until (after several generations) the entire population […]

Relic Paulina

The Dutch are among the tallest people in the world yet the smallest girl that ever lived was from the Netherlands. Johanna Paulina Musters’ extremely small stature, she was only 58 centimeters, her talent for acrobatics, singing and dancing, and the ability to speak several languages, quickly made her rise to international fame as a sideshow […]

Plus Size Camouflage

One of the more complicated issues in shrinking the human species is how to deal with generational size differences. New generations will be smaller than older generations. Heleen Klopper, a designer especially interested in textiles, speculates on a future fashion and make-up of camouflaging the large as well as the small. High heels, vertical stripes, short hair […]