Shrink Utility Vehicle (SUV)

May 14, 2010 By arne hendriks 0

It is not easy to convince ourselves that we need to shrink. On the contrary, many people seem obsessed with growing taller. Yet, signs of a deeply rooted desire to shrink may already manifest itself in small signs in everyday life. People drive oversized cars, wear oversized sunglasses, walk oversized dogs and drink oversized soda’s. Oversized things make us look and feel small. SUV’s, ridiculously large cars, may very well be an expression of a deeply embedded desire to feel small and protected within the womb. SUV does not stand for Sports Utility Vehicle but for Shrink Utility Vehicle, or even Safe Uterus Vehicle.

If this desire exists, even subconsciously, and if it connects to personal needs, it can be investigated and activated.