The Simple Growth Obsession Test

January 15, 2015 By arne hendriks 0

We’re obsessed with growth. The Simple Growth Obsession Test is a simple test to check for yourself how much growth and our deeply embedded sensitivity for signs of growth create an emotional response when confronted with signs of its absence or presence. The test itself is a simple animation of an arrow going up alternating with an arrow going down. Click HERE to do the test. Even without providing a context for the arrow most people respond positively to the arrow facing upward and register a negative response when the arrow points down. Although it is just an arrow, a graphic rendition of direction, it connects to a complex variety of mental and physical sensors, programmed either culturally, genetically or epigenetically, to be repulsed by the earthbound direction, and delighted by the skybound one. The Incredible Shrinking Man wants to intimately know and understand what constitutes and drives this response and how it ultimately determines behaviour.