The Short Date Paradox

March 8, 2015 By arne hendriks 0

The Incredible Shrinking Man has advocated the idea that it would be a positive thing if more women feel attracted to shorter men, much in the same way most men feel attracted to shorter women. Eventually this would result in shorter offspring. But here’s the catch: If both men and women would be attracted to shorter partners than at least one is not satisfied. You can’t have it both ways. If women develop a desire for shorter men then in order to both be satisfied the guy would need to desire taller women. But if they would, the average size of people wouldn’t change because the advantages of women dating shorter guys would be neutralised by the shorter guys dating taller women (and subsequently some of those having taller children).

While we ponder the paradox let’s remind ourselves of the fact that the tales about tall men are tall tales indeed.