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Rod at Dawn

In 1994 popstar Rod Stewart gave a concert on Copacabana beach in Rio di Janeiro. And it turned out to be a legendary concert as it attracted the largest crowd of people in history for a musical event. 4 to 5 million people came to listen to Rod. And that’s an interesting number, because it […]

Peter Gabriel on Humanoid Height

Human prejudice against being small is a complicated mix of biological and cultural reasons. In the 1972 dystopian song ‘Get them out by Friday’ by progressive rockband Genesis, small size is appropriated for the economic benefit of a greedy project developer. The 9 minute mini-opera envisions a world (in 2012!) in which people are genetically manipulated to […]

Randy’s Short People

If we are to shrink ourselves, overcoming prejudice against smallness will be a first priority. Randy Newman wrote Small People in 1977 as a parody of the absurdity of human prejudice and discrimination. But did it work? Lyrics: Short people got no reason Short people got no reason Short people got no reason to live. […]