Studio of Suspended Disbelief

Whenever The Incredible Shrinking Man is invited to participate in a public event, such as an exhibition, festival or symposium, we simply pack up the research studio and relocate the investigation to the new space. There we continue reading, writing, discussing and creating new material to inspire the notion of a smaller human species. It’s research in progress, open to the public to engage in. Many of the insights into our relationship with body size were inspired by such coincidental meetings. Each studio setting is slightly different since the investigation continuous to move forward. However, it always contains a presentation of the general ideas, a collection of stories from the website, a library with books and papers, video’s, and objects and images to inspire both the researchers and the public. The public studio is primarily meant to initiate a paradigm shift regarding our species and contains several elements meant to disrupt understanding rather than illustrate what we think we already know. It requests of those that enter to suspend disbelief and to imagine how to embrace the idea of less and shrink towards a world of abundance.