Shrink Exercises: A01 to A07

October 15, 2017 By arne hendriks Off

There are BIG things one can do to embrace the idea of shrinking, like finding a short partner, hormone therapy, or gently curbing the excess growth of your children by feeding them growth suppressing foods. And there are SMALL things you can do to embrace the idea of shrinking: like standing next to a very tall person, or objectvisiting an Ames room, or gently folding and tearing a sheet of paper in half. Then folding and tearing it in half again and again, until a satisfactory reduction in size has been accomplished. The process embodies notions of scale, materiality and time. Perhaps abstract exercises such as these can support the emotional and intellectual transformation needed to allow the embrace of the quite unfamiliar concept of shrinking the human body. If we consider contemporary man to be an A01, then how often can we fold ourselves?