The Stats on T.I.S.M.

January 8, 2011 By arne hendriks 5

Our projected height for The Incredible Shrinking Man is 50 centimeters. With that height, and the same proportions its weight will be around 1,7 kg. But how does that translate to a shoe or ring size? And what about the volume of our brains and liver, or the size of an eye? It’s time we look at some of the size consequences for body parts if we decide to become this small.

The length of the human body  is 8 times its headsize. That would make the head of The Incredible Shrinking Man 6,25 cm’s high. The size of the head is relevant. It determines the approximate size of  the forearm and the feet. Also, twice the length of the head gives you the width of the shoulders. And 4 times the head is one leg (25 cm’s).

The head is about two thirds as wide as it is high. If the head is 6,25 cm’s high it’s 4 centimeters wide. The head is also 5 eye widths wide, making one eye less than a centimeter wide, with a pupil of only a millimeter or so. The bottom of the nose is also the width of one eye.

The liver of The Incredible Shrinking Man weighs about 32 grams (instead of the 1,6 kg’s it does now). And the brain would have to function at slightly under 30 grams (and not with the 1400 grams we have at present). That’s about the size of a cat brain. No need to stress the fact that we’ll need to find a solution for that one.

And your ringsize? For now let’s just say very, very small.