Supersize Tourism

June 14, 2011 By arne hendriks 1

Jim Hejl keeps a website called Jim’s Big Things with photos of himself near (you guessed it) BIG things. He typically finds these things near freeways, in shopping malls, in restaurants and amusement parks. It started harmlessly with a single blurry photo of Jim next to a world record pancake but by now Hejl systematically plans his vacations around visiting large objects. We can’t help but wonder if Hejl has the secret desire to shrink, if only for a photographic moment.

In any case his collection is an interesting document of supersize tourism and a possible view on the future if we are to shrink to 50 centimeters. Some day we may all feel like a tourist wandering through a super sized world where the traces of the past are left by giants and life feels a little like walking through a permanent amusement park.