Golem Studio

June 1, 2013 By arne hendriks 0

What will the human species look like if we decide to shrink to 50cm? Will we shrink proportionally, or is it more realistic to anticipate on subtle, or dramatic, changes to the human physique? How do aesthetic desires influence developments, and what are the ramifications of biological principles? How will the simplification of physical function manifest itself in body design and how large will the head need to be to retain intelligence? Who is best equipped to answer such, and many other, questions? The scientist? The artist? The trained professional, or the unprejudiced amateur? In the Golem Studio, The Incredible Shrinking Man wants to facilitate the collective fantasy on the appearance of the 50cm person. It invites specialists and generalists from various fields of interest to sculpt from clay the 50cm body as they envision it. Through their imagination we hope to connect to a layer of knowledge, perhaps embedded within every human being, of a tiny past (life started small). The results are documented, analysed, and displayed to form a collective contemporary opinion on the appearance of the man of the future. Together with our many historical fantasies of the small, the most intriguing examples from reality, as well as scientific probabilities, the clay figures form an image bank to inspire the human body of the future.

Please help us imagine The Incredible Shrinking Man.