Abundance Fantasies: Giant Sushi Roll

September 12, 2013 By arne hendriks 1

Our desire for tallness is strong and deeply rooted. So deep it is difficult to imagine the change towards a general desire for shorter stature. However, the human species is not the sum of just one or two desires but of many. In the Abundance Fantasies we focus on the strong universal desire for abundance, and how it may eventually be harnessed in such a way as to stimulate the desire to be small. If we choose to shrink we’ll enter a world of plenty.

Exaggeration of food is popular. The Guinness Book of World Records contains a large category of largest foods, including the obvious record breaking hamburgers and pizzas. A more obscure and somehow absurd exaggeration food is giant sushi. Sushi by nature is about small, not big. It’s about subtle, delicate, bite sized food. Yet the fundamental desire to obliterate the notion of scarcity, and turn small things into big things, is so strong we’re willing to sacrifice traditional values for a feeling of abundance. Thus this video of a succesful attempt to create a very large sushi is a perfect illustration of the paradox of our desire. On the one hand it represents a world of over-consumption and waste. On the other hand it may be a piece of the puzzle necessary to shrink out of this predicament. If we want abundance we should shrink. The vulgar jokes and lighthearted laughter accompanying the preparation of the giant sushi roll show both the sense of shame at such a display of desire as well as the fundamental feeling of happiness one experiences when confronted with abundance.