Celebrate Lactose Intolerance

October 5, 2013 By arne hendriks 0

Exaggerated consumption of milk stimulates an undesirable increase in human height through stimulation of the production of growth hormone. Milk cows also have a considerable environmental footprint because they’re fed high protein diets. One of humanity’s defense mechanisms against these two undesirable effects is lactose intolerance: the inability to digest dairy products. As an example: Up to 90% of all Chinese are lactose intolerant. Such an important contribution to sustainability should not remain unnoticed. If you can’t eat dairy there’s no point in producing it. To celebrate the lactose intolerant nature of the Chinese people The Incredible Shrinking man organized a ‘Celebrate Lactose Intolerance!’ Party in Beijing. Rather than an inability, lactose intolerance represents physical wisdom and the ability to resist what is not good for us. Unfortunately at the same time China has turned into a battleground market for the international dairy industry. Because so many people do not drink milk and eat dairydairy companies want to expand their markets despite the intrinsic intlernce for theor products. Since the 2008 milk scandal China is the target of aggressive marketing by American, Australian and European dairy companies. And it is working. Chinese milk consumption has seen an annual 10% growth under the faulty assumptions that the consumption of cow milk is healthy. The manipulated mind overrides the wise body. One elderly Chinese lady described the increase in dairy products in Chinese supermarkets as a milk tsunami.