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Lodan Report: Private to Public

Kampung Lodan, Kampung Kerapu and Kampung Tongkol are three  villages situated in the north of Jakarta on the banks of the Ciliwung river. Because the land along the Ciliwung was, and still is, subjected to regular flooding it was never a popular place to live. Yet in the 1960’s and 70’s several hundred families, having no […]

Six Cities / Empty World

Earth is turning into a global city. Over half the world’s population lives in urbanised areas and those cities are taking up more and more space.  Most of the rest of the world is organised to supply food and resources. Even so, cities are the most efficient way to support our growing populations. Yet citizens are […]

Tiny House Movement

Fish kept in small tanks remain small because they produce pheromones that suppress growth. If the same rule applies to people, the small house movement may proof to be a powerful tool to curb our physical growth. The small house movement is an intriguing architectural and social movement that advocates living in very small homes. While in most developed […]


If we decide to shrink the human species our livestock may need to shrink with us. We’ll only consume about 2 to 10% of the food we consume today. The meat of one chicken could easily feed 100 people and one egg alone would be enough to make an omelet for 25 to 30 people. Poultry/House is […]

Rewilding Ghost Suburbia

If mankind decides to shrink, and we succeed to achieve an average height of 50 centimeters as The Incredible Shrinking Man proposes, one of the most significant changes will be the increase of available space. The scale of buildings, infrastructure and distance will be enormous and must be readjusted to the size of our bodies. […]

Voyeur Town

In a previous post we reported on a village exclusively built for little people working in an airplane factory during the war. More often these temporary customized tiny towns were built for housing the small performers of amusement parks. The towns soon turned into sideshows catering to the curiosity of the general public. In some cases […]

Tiny Towns for Special Forces

Joost Janmaat of Partizan Publik recalls his memory  of an intriguing search for a lost tiny town: “I fruitlessly embarked on a quest for little people two years ago when I was in Detroit. I am gonna relate you the story anyway, since by posting it on your blog, the truth may yet unveil itself. During the war, […]

From Macro to Micro

As people start shrinking, Earth and everything on it will proportionally, grow in size. This growth of space and resources is actually one of the main reasons to consider shrinking as a sustainable way of inhabiting the earth. At the same time it holds the the biggest challenges. How do we reinvent a world in […]

Less is More

A considerable downsizing of the human species would create an enormous market for architects and interior designers to make good use of the newly available space.  Not to mention the potential of repurposing roads, parks, canals, squares and so on.