Tiny House Movement

April 15, 2012 By arne hendriks 0

Fish kept in small tanks remain small because they produce pheromones that suppress growth. If the same rule applies to people, the small house movement may proof to be a powerful tool to curb our physical growth.

The small house movement is an intriguing architectural and social movement that advocates living in very small homes. While in most developed countries family size has been shrinking, the average home has actually grown in size. In the United States the size of new single family homes increased from 165 m2 in 1978 to 230 m2 in 2007. The typical size of a small home seldom exceeds 45 m2. Larger homes are more costly in terms of building, taxes, heating, maintenance and repair. But the advantages of a small home exceed basic economics. Such houses are attractive for people who want to lead a less cluttered and complicated life and reduce their ecological impact. It is an interesting prospect that living in tiny houses might eventually also lead to smaller people, much like the fish.